Story of Royal Glory

Royal Glory conveys our legendary love for perfumes


A glaring essence bestowed upon the heart that beats and yearns for glory now manifest in a fragrance boasting of royalty and grandeur.

Forever may one day be over but impressions of passion that lies in a scent shall not ever wander

We welcome you to the Royal Glory Experience – A cultural fusion of the east and the west recognizing the full human potential.

The compositions of Royal Glory are carefully crafted alchemy from the Agar wood ancient forests in India and the flowers and roses harvested from the lush gardens of France, Switzerland, England, Italy, Spain, Germany and Russia .

Royal Glory is so keen to bring you the purest quality oils extracted from these natural resources which aptly describes possessing the kind of glory fit for royals , the epitome of extravagance with lavishly crafted components and luxuriously packed keeping in mind the minutest details embodies each and every scent rendered in our collection to represent the real essence of Royal Glory to the world.

We want to make sure that every user of Royal Glory perfumes reads and understands our story – it is not just a perfume … it’s a magical blend of fragrances that can never be forgotten and will always remind of you at all times … it’s the signature of your charisma … it is a message of inner peace and cultural integration to humanity, and we want all those who wear the Royal Glory fragrances to be part of this story …

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